Provide the Peace-of-mind

You do not have to be Michael Dell, Matthew McConaughey, Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones, or Bert Beveridge to need a will.  If you have any assets (a home, a savings or a retirement account, or any stock), you should have a plan on how you want your assets handled should you get in a car wreck or fall while jumping out of a plane. Current events have shown how critical — and fragile — life is and how one simple act can affect family circumstances. Things can change quickly. An estate plan is not about you but rather about making things easier for your loved ones.  Most people would benefit from estate planning.

October is National Estate Planning Month and is a great time to review your existing plan or make one.

There is peace of mind that comes with having a well-executed plan.  Reach out to your attorney to learn more about how you can ensure that your family remains out of court and conflict.

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