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No one knows when they will need estate planning services. A person can be in an accident at any time or suddenly get very sick. Therefore, you must be ready for the unknown. A comprehensive estate plan is more than one document but rather a series of legal documents. Don’t leave your loved one’s future in jeopardy. Ensure you have consulted with legal counsel who can educate you about your goals’ different estate planning options.
Our estate planning services focus on education so that you can adequately choose which legal documents will protect your loved ones and assets and keep your family out of court and conflict.

Minor Guardianship

We cannot guarantee that we can always be there for our children. What happens if you are on a date with your partner/spouse, and you get in a car wreck, and both of you end up in a hospital bed? What if you are single and traveling, and something happens while you are out of town? Who would take care of your children if something happened to you? Don’t leave it up to the state to decide for you – ensure you have a plan and that your kids are taken care of by the people you want.

In order to protect your children, we will create the following: 

  • Scion Safeguard Plan
  • Minor with Special Needs Plan
protect your children when you cannot be there to take care of them. Make sure that their chosen caregivers have the documents they need to keep them safe. Our estate planning services provide education.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy. Anyone who has a house, a car, a life insurance policy, and/or a savings account needs an estate plan. We help you make the best and most enlightened choices for your foundational estate plan to protect you, your loved ones and your assets in case of incapacity or death.

Together, we can:


  • Craft a Will
  • Create a Trust that protect assets
  • Ensure assets for your furry family members
All families need estate planning services protect those they love and their assets

Pet Trusts

Whether it is a dog, a horse, a bird, or a cat, our animals are also an important part of our family. Some of them, such as birds and horses, normally live past the age of their ‘parent’, and these family members can be expensive to care for.  Make sure you have a plan on who will care for them when you cannot and how they can pay for their care.  

Our furry family members are important to us. Make sure you have estate planning services that will protect them also.

Special Needs Planning

If you have a child with special needs, creating a thought-out plan is essential to ensuring that they can be cared for when you are not here.  This includes ensuring that any gifts you leave will not affect any government support they may be eligible for now or in the future. We will walk you through a variety of options.

  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Durable Power of Attorney

Call us for a 15 minute consultation to learn about our estate planning services.

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