We value all types of families. This is why we spend time with you to learn what makes your family unique and who you consider family. Once we get a good picture of who is important to you, we begin the work of co-creating an estate plan that meets your needs.

Don’t you want to make sure that things are as easy as possible for them should something ever happen to you? 

Due to an increasing population, lack of court funding, COVID backlogs, and the complexity of dealing with money and family issues, Texas probate courts are clogged. In the state of Texas, a straightforward estate can get through the system in around six months, and estates with any complexity take a minimum of 1 year.

Should you not be around, your spouse or children will have to deal with the courts, which will add undue burden.

Do you want your assets locked up that long where your spouse/ children cannot use your money to pay bills?

There are a variety of ways that will ensure that your family stays out of court and conflict in the event of your incapacity or death.   Simple strategies will ensure that your assets don’t end up lost to the state department of unclaimed property if your family overlooks something when you are not there to guide them.

Married with Children

Blended Families

It is extraordinary when two families collide and become one. 

When two parents who already have children marry, 

they come into the marriage with their own assets and obligations. It is essential to have a plan to keep peace and prevent conflict. 

Although blended families can be extraordinary, they come with their unique potential issues when one of the parents passes away. 

When either you or your spouse have children from a prior marriage, other parents might want to say that happens in the decision-making.   Planning will keep the people you love out of conflict.

Conflict arises, even when children and parents are close, when a death happens in the family. Emotions are heightened. 

When you make informed decisions and document them, you can ensure that the family remains intact and alleviates conflict.    

To make the best-informed decisions and clearly articulate your wishes, you need a highly-skilled, well-trained attorney who has experienced blended families being pulled apart because of a death.  

If your family is a blended family, schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session, and we will look together at everything you own and everyone you love and what would happen to all of it if and when something happens to you.

Our children are our world.

Raising children on your own is hard.

Many single parents worry about what will happen should something happen to them. Who will take care of their minor children and make decisions based on your wishes?

Sometimes, another parent could step in and serve as the custodian of the child, but there are many times that the other parent is not fit to serve in that position, or they are not willing to. There are times when the other parent is not available.  When this is the case, they need to have a plan on who can step in.

In addition to custody, single parents must think about handling their financial resources should something happen.  Many single parents do not want their children to access financial resources until they are a certain age, and they can adequately manage any resources.  They may not feel comfortable having their ex have access to financial resources either.

As a well-trained attorney, we can work with you to help you identify the best solutions for your child/children.

It is essential for single parents who have custody of their minor children to have a well-thought-out plan for their children should something happen to them.

Single Parent

Life Partners

In the state of Texas, if you are in a relationship that is not recognized as married by the state government, the state can block your loved one from making health decisions on your behalf, communicating your final wishes, and even visiting you while in the hospital. Should you pass, they will have a difficult time securing your financial resources to pay your bills, collect any money owed to you, and close any accounts. They can even be forced out of their house or blocked from your business.

It is exponentially more critical for you to get your estate planning handled right if children are involved. The state could even take your children out of your life partner’s care.

Your estate plan is one of the most important documents for your family.

Texas law will make it hard for them, so your planning will make it more accessible during this difficult time.

Estate planning when you are unmarried is not optional. It is truly a matter of life and death for the people you love most.


We know that you have people who mean a lot to you, and you mean a lot to them. This chosen family will be there when you need help and support.

We want to assist you to make things as for them if and when something happens to you. By planning you will provide them the tools to care and love you in the event that you become incapacitated or cannot make healthcare decisions on your own.

In this planning, we will also ensure that your assets and legacy are passed on to those you have chosen and that the state does not make that decision for you, and ensure that your financial resources do not get lost in the Department of Unclaimed Property.


Chosen Family

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