Talking Turkey: How to Broach Legacy Chats with Your Folks Over Thanksgiving Leftovers”

Talking to the family about legacy

After your turkey-induced nap and maybe some football watching,  there is usually time for a good meaningful conversation. The topic might not be as delightful as the pumpkin pie, but it is as necessary as that extra dollop of whipped cream.

Yep, we’re talking about the not-so-cozy subject of legacy and estate planning. Before you panic and reach for the leftover gravy, let’s tackle this with a sprinkle of humor and a dash of practical advice.

While you have your parents in your home or are in their home, it is a good time to check in to ensure their estate planning is prepared.

Setting the Scene:

So, picture this: You’re in the living room,, and the pumpkin-scented candles are flickering. Perfect, right? Now’s the time to pull Mom and Dad aside for a little heart-to-heart. But don’t worry; we’re not aiming for a tear-jerker here. We are going to keep it light.

Opening the Dialogue:

Start with something light, maybe a “Hey, have you guys ever thought about being immortal?” Okay, maybe not that light, but you get the gist. Let them know you’ve been pondering life’s big questions and want to ensure everyone’s ducks are in a row.

Express Yourself:

“Mom, Dad, I’ve been thinking… about life, love, and what happens next.  Blame it on friends.  “Many of my friend’s parents are passing on or are sick, and it made me realize that we have not chatted about  what you want to happen when you’re not binge-watching your favorite shows.”

Injecting Some Humor:

Feel free to throw in a little joke or two. “I was thinking if I ever inherit that your silver, do I have really have to shine it once a year? Should I return the glasses you borrowed from all your friends?

Asking the Important Questions:

Now, for the nitty-gritty. “So, guys, do we have a family fortune hidden under the couch cushions, or should I stop daydreaming about that yacht?” Ease into it by asking about their existing plans and any wild schemes they might have for their hard-earned treasures.

Handling the Financial Talk:

“Speaking of treasures, let’s chat finances. It’s not as fun as discussing Aunt Sue’s apple pie, but it’s important nonetheless. Where do we stand, and should I start saving for that yacht on my own?”

Wrap It Up with a Bow:

As the conversation winds down, throw in a little optimism. “Look, I know this isn’t the cheeriest topic, but it’s like eating veggies – not always fun, but essential for a healthy future. Think of it as one less thing on the to-do list, right?”

Post-Thanksgiving Action Plan:

Fast forward to the new year when the holiday madness settles. Drop a friendly reminder: “Hey, remember that legacy talk? Let’s make it happen. I’ve even prepared a spreadsheet. Seriously, I have one.”

Final Thoughts:

Approach this legacy chat with humor, a dash of love, and a sprinkle of pragmatism. Your parents will appreciate your concern, and they might even thank you for helping them navigate this uncharted territory.

Remember, it’s not about dwelling on the morbid; it’s about securing the future while we’re all still here to appreciate it. And if all else fails, bribe them with more pie. It works like a charm!


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