Special Needs Planning

Protect Your Children

All parents must navigate through many tough decisions to ensure that their child is well taken care of today and in the future. Parents with a child who has an intellectual or physical obstacle spend more time worrying about the future. We are here to help. 

Estate planning for families with special needs children comes with a complex set of financial, social, and medical issues. Their child must be well taken care of when they can no longer serve as the primary caregiver. 


A problem many parents face when creating their estate plan is how to leave enough money to pay for the care and support of their children with special needs need throughout their lifetime while not disqualifying them from government benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Social Security Income.

Suppose you leave a large lump sum of money directly to the child. In that case, there are concerns about how that might impact governmental assistance and whether your child can handle their finances independently.


Good estate planning lawyers know some tools and strategies designed to accommodate the unique circumstances presented by children with special needs and their families.

Special Needs Planning and Trusts

We will help you develop a sustainable living plan for your child that will provide them with the finances they need to live a full life, while preserving their access to any government benefits.

Our children with special needs are vulnerable if they do not have planning. Our special needs planning will help you account for a variety of scenarios.
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