Scion Safeguard Plan

Protect Your Children

Make sure your children always have a caring person available to take care of them.

A Scion Safeguard Plan provides you with peace of mind that your children will always be in the custody of someone you know and trust. Our protection plan is a set of legal documents that informs state agencies of your wishes should you become temporarily incapacitated. The documents articulate who you desire to care for your children.  Our plan provides for various scenarios and establishes a chain of command for both short and long-term guardians.

These documents should be easily accessible by a babysitter, neighbors, and any identified guardians.

protect your children when you cannot be there to take care of them. Make sure that their chosen caregivers have the documents they need to keep them safe. Our estate planning services provide education.

Our robust Scion Safeguard Plan includes the following documents:

Nomination of a short-term guardian (also referred to as a first-response or temporary guardian)-  Establishes a guardian who can care for your children for 1 year or less. This can be useful if a long-term guardian is temporarily unavailable or must travel to the children’s location at the time of your incapacitation. It can also be useful if you or your spouse must travel for work or military service.

Nomination of a long-term guardian-This individual is usually established in a last will and testament and will be the primary caregiver for your minor children until they reach adulthood in the event you pass away.

Nomination of a healthcare surrogate for a minor- A document that provides a trusted individual to make medical decisions for your children on your behalf should you not be available to the medical professionals. This can be critical if you become incapacitated at the same time your children need urgent medical care, such as if an entire family is injured in a car accident.

Directions for guardian and healthcare directives for minors.-If you are granting an individual authority to make decisions on behalf of your children, you will want to make sure they have as much information as possible and also not go against your specific wishes. You can provide legally enforceable instructions that limit decisions a guardian can make as well as specify critical healthcare information, like your children’s allergies or relevant illnesses.

Confidential exclusion of guardian- Many families have someone who would not be able to take care of your children, even if they wanted to. This document informs the courts of anyone you wish to exclude from guardianship of your children.  

Emergency wallet identification cards. A card to be given to your children with practical contact and medical care information can help protect them in the event of a crisis. As a parent, you will have one also to provide information to governmental officials.

Babysitter instructions- Specific babysitter directions that provides information in case you do not make it home. It informs them who to contact.

How We Can Help

Many of the above elements require the filing of legal documents that can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the process. The last thing you want is for there to be any question of who will be caring for your children, so it is essential you hire counsel to help establish a Scion Safeguard Plan for your children.

We will work with you individually to understand every facet of your situation and tailor your Scion Safeguard Plan to what makes sense for you and your children.

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