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We strive to be unique

Scion Law Firm is different from most law firms; We don't have gatekeepers that prevent you from speaking to your legal counsel. Lance wants you to feel comfortable asking him questions. This is why he does not charge by the hour.

Nor are we stuffy; we are authentic. You will only find Lance in a suit if he is going to court. His days in a suit and tie are over.

Scion Law Firm is committed to ensuring you understand the legal process. Lance is a straight shooter and will tell you all possibilities. As such, he will provide you with all scenarios which allow you to make the most well-informed decision.

As a boutique firm, you are important to us. We only serve a small number of clients every year. This does not mean we are expensive; it means you are special. This is why we are called Scion. Your family members are descendants of a notable family....yours!

Lance is a member of the Texas Bar Association.

State Bar Of Texas

We are different from the rest.

No life is static. It is constantly changing and transforming. Therefore, it is vital that your plan changes as your life transforms to protect your loved ones. The plan can only be effective when it keeps up with those changes. That’s why we offer all our clients a complimentary plan review every three years. But it’s not just your financial assets we’re concerned about. We know your most important assets are the intangibles you’ve created throughout your life. We’ll help you preserve and pass on your love, knowledge, stories, experiences, and wisdom to your children (and your children’s children). We want you to leave a lasting legacy and help your family build wealth – real wealth – from generation to generation.

Parents want a law firm that will care for your loved ones when they cant. Scion Law Firm does this.

What makes us different from traditional firms.


We educate you about the estate planning process. We will empower you to make the decisions that will affect your family’s future and make it easy for you because we know that you are limited on time. We begin with a personalized questionnaire to better understand YOUR family’s needs, priorities, and goals. Then, we map out various scenarios and plans of action. At this point, we will present multiple paths you can take, along with fee options. You choose the right path for your family. Traditional estate planning lawyers charge you an hourly rate to complete your will and any additional supporting documents needed.

Relationship Focused

Most traditional estate planning lawyers have you complete a form and then take the form and enter your information into their templates. We work with you and empower you to craft your plan to meet your needs.

Regular Reviews

Having a plan set in stone will save your loved ones the headache and pain of sorting things out in the future. We will work to keep your family out of court and out of conflict should the unexpected occur.

We are also proactive in ensuring that your plan reflects your current situation. We offer an annual membership program to provide your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime. This will save you thousands of dollars when you must hire your lawyer again (at an hourly charge) to make changes or recreate a will that meets your new needs. It will save your loved ones hours of dealing with the courts because your Will be updated and not be out of date. With an annual plan, you can ensure financial or life changes are brought into your personalized plan. This is an option should you want to ensure that it represents your life through transitions.

What we are

What we are not

How to Get Started

We know that thinking about your estate plan can feel very weird. People feel overwhelmed about having to think about not being there for their loved ones. We walk you through the process step by step in little chunks to make it manageable which will ensure your confidence. The entire process lasts about eight weeks. You can feel confident knowing that within two months of meeting with us, your family could be totally planned for, protected and not at risk of being stuck in court or conflict if something happens to you.

Schedule a free 15 minute get to know you

+ - 1. Your Initial Family Wealth Planning Session

During the 2 hour Legacy Planning Session, we will explore to see if we are a good fit for each other.
We will learn about your family, your values, and your goals for your estate plan.  We will walk you through our estate planning process and inform you what you may want to consider when drafting your plan.  This information will empower you to make the right decisions for the people you love.  Lance will walk you through exactly what your loved ones would have to do and where your assets would go if something happened to you today.
You will then be able to determine if there was anything about what would happen today that you would not like, and you will get clear on what you would want to happen instead.
You will have prior homework to complete before this meeting to have the information you need for us to provide the best counsel. The assignment needs to be submitted to the office three days before the meeting so that the legal counsel has time to review it before the session.

+ - 2. You Choose your Level of Service

If we find that we are a good fit for each other, you will choose the best planning level and fee that is right for your needs. There are three different planning levels to accommodate your needs, and YOU get to decide which planning level best protects you and your family.

Once you choose your planning level, we will then help you design a plan that will give you the peace of mind of knowing your family will be taken care of if the unthinkable happens.

+ - 3. Review Plan

About a month after your Legacy  Planning Session, we will meet either by zoom or in person when you will review the prepared estate plan to ensure that it meets your needs.  You will sign the documents and then your family and your assets will be totally protected in case of your death or incapacity.
Traditional law firms end the relationship there. But not for us!

+ - 4. Delivery and Celebration

About four weeks later, we will hold our most important meeting with you. 

1 Ensure your assets are owned in the right way (you can have the best set of legal documents, but if your assets are not owned in the right way, it has all been a waste).

2 Make sure everyone you have named to take care of you, your children, and the money you are leaving behind knows just what to do if and when something happens.

3 Capture and plan for your intangible and most valuable assets: your values, insights, stories, and experiences that neither you nor your loved ones would ever want lost.

Deliver your hard copies of your legal documents, electronic records, and forms for you to send to those included in the will.

Provide electronic records of all of your legal documents so you can easily access them anytime you need to in the future. Finally, and most importantly, we will schedule a follow-up meeting with you for three years to ensure that your plan does not get outdated.

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Relationship-based. Values focused.

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