About Lance Kutnick

Lance Kutnick’s goal is to be your trusted legal advisor. As your estate planning lawyer, he will help you make the best personal, financial, and legal decisions for your family. Lance will be there to celebrate each life milestone. Whether it is a new addition to your family, a sale of a business, or the passing of one of your family members, he will make sure your legal documents carry out your goals. His focus is to help families avoid collapse after the death or disability of a loved one. .
As an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas and as a Lead Prosecutor with the Nueces County District Attorney’s office, Lance saw firsthand how people took advantage of others during dark times. Because of his elder abuse cases and the fact that the victims could have protected their assets, Lance dedicated the rest of his life to ensuring that families are well-prepared for their next season of life.  
Lance is a member of the Texas Bar.
When not working with his clients, Lance is with his wife, Christine, and they are exploring new places around the Texas Hill Country or elsewhere. He has two children who he thinks are amazing and always teach him a thing or two.
Lance Kutnick traveling
Lance exploring
Lance Kutnick with his UT pride
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